Transform leftover chicken patties into mouthwatering sandwiches that will have you drooling for more with a honey mustard sauce.

Ciabatta Bread Chicken Cooked Patties Cheddar  Spinach or Lettuce Pickles Mayonnaise Mustard, hot sauce, honey


Step 1

Mix the sauce in a bowl and set aside.

Step 2

Cut the bread rolls horizontally and spread generous amounts of the sauce on the bottom half. Place 2-3 chicken patty slices on top of the sauce.

Step 3

Add a few slices of cheese.

Step 4

Broil the sandwich pieces until the cheese just melted and the top piece of the roll is lightly toasted.

Step 5

On top of the melted cheese,  layer on some zesty pickles for that tangy crunch we all love. 

Step 6

And don't forget a handful of fresh greens.

Step 7

Slather more sauce on the top half of the bread roll and close the sandwich. Press it down firmly and cut in half.